Google, Volkswagon release auto pilot technology in cars

Google, Volkswagon release auto pilot technology in carsVolkswagon recently released its Temporary Auto Pilot technology in its vehicles, which allows a car to drive semi-automatically at up to 80 miles per hour on highways while monitored by a driver, Discovery News reported.

This automaker's feat follows that of Google's automated Priuses and Audi TTs that have been recently released and are expected to reduce car accidents and traffic jams.

Volkswagon's technology uses adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist to drive and turn independently while being monitored by a driver who retains driver responsibility, the news source reported. The car maintains a safe distance from vehicles in front of it, moves at a speed chosen by the driver, reduces speed as necessary near a bend or turn, respects lane markers and stops and starts accordingly in traffic jams. The company sees it as a stepping stone to a future where cars will not need drivers at all.

While the technology has not been released into production yet, it may be there soon, according to the news source. When the Temporary Auto Pilot technology becomes available, buyers may be able to afford a vehicle equipped with it by obtaining a car loan.

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