Handy tips for dealing with the dealership

Handy tips for dealing with the dealership Heading to the car dealership can be an intimidating experience, as pushy salesman can often leave consumers with more than they bargained for. However, with a few handy tips from MSN Autos, choosing a car and negotiating will be a breeze.

First of all, avoid any talk about money until you decide on a vehicle, particularly if you will be needing a bad credit auto loan. Those in poor financial standing are not likely to be able to afford high monthly payments, so the salesman may try to offer a lower amount over an extended period of time. While this may seem attractive, you can end up spending thousands more than you intended to on interest alone.

If you are bringing your spouse along, speak in private about any indecisiveness. "By subtly playing a husband and wife against each other, buyers are routinely talked into things they might not have otherwise considered," says the news source.

Make sure to take your time so you don't purchase a lemon in a rush. Give yourself time to walk away from a deal that you aren't happy with and to shop around.