Honda Accord tough to beat in resale, reliability

The Honda Accord has been one of the best-selling vehicles in the country for several years, and the sales were not undeserved. This mid-size sedan scores consistently well in both resale and reliability studies, making it a strong choice for buyers in the market for a vehicle.

MSN recently profiled some of the top vehicles to own in each class. The news source tied in factors like resale value, durability and cost to maintain. In the end, the Accord won out in the competitive mid-size sedan class.

The Accord has always posted top numbers in J.D. Powers long-term reliability studies, but it was knocked out of the top spot this year by both the Buick LaCrosse and Mercury Milan. Still, the models continued popularity means that i makes a great value buy. Since many are attracted to the brand name and perceived safety of buying a popular vehicle, the car retains its resale value very well, something that the LaCrosse and Milan cannot boast.

Drivers with a bad credit car loan will likely have to shop the pre-owned market in order to find an Accord in their price range, but they’ll have no shortage of options and variety, as the model is consistently popular year-in and year-out.