Honda announces more recalls

Shortly after recalling about 100,000 CR-V and CR-Z vehicles, Honda recently announced that more than 310,000 Pilot SUVs will also need to receive some mechanical attention. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there may be defects in the front seat safety belts in models produced between March 2008 and August 2011.

The stitching that secures the end of the belt to the anchor may be incomplete or missing entirely. Affected seat belts would essentially be useless in the event of an accident, so Honda dealers will be inspecting the belts in all Pilots that may be affected. If the defects are found, the seat belts will be replaced free of charge, PCMag reports.

Whether drivers are thinking about buying a Pilot or any other car with a used car loan, it is a good idea to research the vehicle to see if any recalls have been made. If this is the case, an independent mechanic can be brought in to inspect the car to (and) ensure that any necessary repairs have been made before a purchase is finalized.