Honda Civic EX loses rating due to lack of safety feature

The Honda Civic EX scored a big win in Consumer Reports’ annual reliability survey, with drivers naming it as the most reliable small car on the road. Yet the company who runs the survey isn’t too keen on the vehicle.

Consumer Reports has announced that it will remove the Civic EX’s highly-coveted “recommended” rating because the car does not come with electronic stability control (ESC), even as an option. In fact, buyers have to upgrade to one of the more expensive Civics, like the Civic Si, Hybrid or EX-L.

The consumer guide wrote “that means the cheapest Civic with stability control has a sticker price of $22,705—significantly higher than the typical small sedan price in our Ratings of about $19,000. And those sedans don’t force you to buy an expensive options package to get stability control; it’s standard on almost every small sedan for 2011.”

New federal regulations will require that all models from 2012 onward must offer ESC standard. The feature assists drivers when it detects swerves or skids, automatically applying brakes and keeping the car in line.

Keeping up with safety news can be key in knowing which are the best cars for bad credit buyers. Consumers who are safety-conscious, for example, may want to look at a Ford Fiesta or Mazda2, cheaper options than the Civic that both have ESC standard.