Honda CR-V is a solid choice for families

Bad credit buyers who also have families are often faced with conundrums. Affordable base models often represent great value, but drivers will be tasked with the prospect of transporting their entire family around cramped in the back of a compact car. Minivans and SUVs are often too expensive to merit consideration, so some consumers can feel stuck.

Yet a little smart shopping can go a long way. The advent of crossovers means that many families have a more affordable option when it comes to a car with a roomy interior. Crossovers are also known for getting great fuel economy as compared to minivans and SUVs, so drivers will be saving plenty at the pump by upgrading their vehicle.

In its recent roundup of the top used cars to own, MSN recently listed the Honda CR-V as a nice option in the crossover class. According to J.D. Power, the CR-V was top in its class in both dependability and resale value, so a driver who buys a CR-V is likely not to have to spend extra money just to maintain it, plus they’ll get a little extra money in their pocket when they’re done with the car.

It’s difficult to find a new crossover for under $20,000, but drivers with bad credit car loans shouldn’t fear, as the news source reveals that drivers can find plenty of ’05 or ’06 CR-Vs for around $11,000.