Honda Fit hybrid in the works?

With a starting retail price around $14,000, the Honda Fit is already a popular budget car choice for those with bad credit auto loans. One of the reasons the car is a popular choice is that its small size gives it a great fuel economy. But now, Honda might be prepping a hybrid version that would allow the small car to achieve even higher miles per gallon.

According to USA Today, Honda is planning to show off a Fit hybrid at the Paris Auto Show in the first week of October. The car, known as the Jazz overseas, has been a hit for the company. A strong selling point for the car, in addition to its affordable price, is its 28 miles per gallon in the city and 35 on the highway for a 31 combined rating.

However, the news source speculates that the vehicle’s future in the U.S. is in doubt, as a hybrid means slimmer profit margins for the automakers. Americans have also turned away from hybrids in recent months in anticipation of all-electric vehicles like the upcoming Nissan Leaf.

For drivers with car loans, opting for a vehicle with increased fuel economy can go a long way toward helping them with their car payments. If a vehicle represents a significant upgrade in terms of fuel economy, drivers will save money every month on gas, meaning that they will have extra cash on hand to put toward their car loan.