Honda has the strongest brand loyalty, survey says

Honda has the strongest brand loyalty, survey says  Current Honda drivers are more likely to purchase another Honda in the future than recorded for other major automakers, a Consumer Reports survey found. Approximately 59 percent of current Honda drivers will stick with the brand when it's time for an upgrade. Despite several highly-publicized and controversial recalls, Toyota placed second for brand loyalty, at 58 percent.

Ford also ranked highly for brand loyalty in this year's Consumer Reports Car Brand Perception survey, with 53 percent of Ford drivers saying they'll buy another Ford when trading in. Though other measures of the automaker's brand perception have shown a year-on-year rise in 2011, brand loyalty fell for Ford from 2010's 58 percent. Chevrolet and Dodge were also in the top five automakers with the most loyal drivers, according to the news source.

Though brand loyalty can often be a rational buying strategy, drivers who always stick to one brand may nevertheless want to perform research about auto industry trends. Consumer Reports' survey shows how volatile the industry can be, and how quickly one brand can out-sell another by offering better features for lower prices. Once a driver has chosen his next vehicle, he can research his car financing options and fill out an auto loan application.

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