Honda issues recalls for CR-V, CR-Z and Fit

When the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration receives enough complaints about an issue with a vehicle, they will open an investigation. If the organization finds a problem, the automaker will issue a recall on the product to make any necessary repairs.

Honda had to recall nearly 1.5 million cars in the U.S. last month for a transmission problem, and now the company is recalling the Fit, CR-V and CR-Z, CNN reports. Worldwide, roughly 936,000 Fit and CR-V models are affected (80,111 in the U.S.) by a recall for an issue with the power windows. Due to a design flaw, residue from the window cleaners can build up and may eventually short circuit the electrical component of the switch, which could cause fires. There have not been any injuries in relation to the issue so far.

The Japanese automaker is also recalling about 26,000 (5,626 in the U.S.) models of the CR-Z hybrid with manual transmissions. A software issue could cause the motor to rotate opposite of the gear, which means that the car might go forward when the driver is trying to back up.

It is important for drivers who are looking to buy a new or used car with an auto loan to research the vehicles they are considering. If there have been recalls, drivers should have an independent mechanic take a look to make sure that any repairs or replacements have been made before a purchase is finalized.