Honda reveals plans for a new version of the NSX

Honda reveals plans for a new version of the NSX After production of the Acura NSX was discontinued in 2005, Honda Motor Company had yet to create a similar vehicle to be its suitable replacement. However, the automaker's president, Takanobu Ito, has announced that it is working on a successor to the sports car, according to

While the Acura featured a high-performance V10 engine, Ito assures consumers that the newer edition will be much more eco-friendly. At the Shanghai Auto Show, the company president said he wanted to produce a vehicle that would be thrilling to drive but would also not be a threat to the environment.

"That's the kind of sports car we want to make," Ito reportedly said. "We are working very hard on it."

The Honda head did not elaborate on may of the details, leaving consumers to guess when the car will be revealed. However, the news source speculates that it will be a two-seat hybrid model complementing the Honda CR-Z.

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