How public Wi-Fi can damage your credit score

How public Wi-Fi can damage your credit scoreGetting rid of Internet service is one way that those struggling with making used car loan payments or settling credit card bills can save money, but using a free Wi-Fi connection may not be worth the risk.

Heading to a library or local cafe for the complimentary connectivity may be convenient, but when you are dealing with secure information, such as passwords, finances and other personal data, it can do more damage than you think. Using a public connection carries a higher risk of being hacked, according to MSN, which can lead to identity theft and a poor credit score.

"Whatever you send over the Wi-Fi, whether you are at a restaurant or a grocery shop, the only thing that is secured or encrypted is your log-in," Rami Khasawneh of Management Information Systems in Illinois told the news source,

If you must get rid of your personal wireless account, make sure that the website holding your secure information is encrypted, which is signified by a small padlock icon by the URL. Also, if you are accessing the web with your smartphone, make sure it has been updated to include the latest security features.