How to dispute an item in your credit report

How to dispute an item in your credit reportIt is important that consumers check their credit reports on an annual basis to ensure that all activity that appears on them is correct. Some people who are responsible with their car loans and other credit accounts could unknowingly have a bad credit history because of errors in their reports. If you see any mistakes, it is important to file a credit dispute right away to begin the process of repairing your financial well-being.

When a consumer disagrees with an aspect of their credit report, they must contact the bureau that issued the report. The three main credit bureaus where one can find this information are Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Do this in writing so that you have documented evidence, and detail which items you wish to dispute. You must also send along any documents to support your claim, such as a bank statement.

The companies in question typically have a 30-day window to investigate your claim. If they decide in your favor, they will notify the credit bureaus of their stance and your credit report should be updated with the correct information. Make sure to recheck your reports after receiving confirmation of the settled dispute to ensure all items are correct.