How to get the most from a credit card

Drivers with bad credit history or substantial debts may be interested in knowing how to make use of the benefits of their credit cards while avoiding common pitfalls associated with using credit.

Though it’s often difficult for consumers, paying bills on time is a crucial behavior to develop for consumers who use credit cards. It helps avoid interest payments and penalties, and improves a borrower’s credit score. Having a better credit score can, in turn, allow a consumer to get lower interest rates.

Aside from interest and penalties for late payment, there are often other unnecessary fees that can be avoided. Some credit card companies charge extra if a consumer pays his bill over the phone, while others charge a fee for every cash advance. Consumers may benefit from avoiding taking out too many cash advances and investigating what their credit card company charges fees for and avoiding those behaviors.

Should a consumer find difficulty paying bills on time due to the day of the month on which payment is due, consumers can call their credit card company to have pay schedules rearranged to better fit the variations in their monthly cash flow.

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