How To Prove Your Residence For Car Loans

A worker at a phone company recalled a funny incident when she requested proof of residence from a customer. The customer sent her a photo of himself standing outside his house and pointing to the house. Another government worker said that customers will sometimes come in with relatives who attempt to convince them that the customer lives at that address. While both of these situations provide some much-needed entertainment to the workers, they do not fulfill the requirements for proof of address. Here are some ways that you can show a lender your proof of address to get the car loan that you need.

Utility Bills
Most commonly, a lender will accept a utility bill in your name as proof that you reside at that address. In some cases, you might be asked to produce a couple of utility bills with your name on them.

Business Mail
Some households have the utilities set up in one person’s name. For example, a husband-and-wife couple may opt to put all the utilities in the husband’s name. But if the bills aren’t in your name, how do you show proof that you reside at that address as well? Another option is to show one or more pieces of business mail. Examples of this could include bank statements, credit card statements, or other bills aside from utilities. Junk mail would not work; the mail has to be addressed specifically to you.

Cancelled Rent Checks
If you are residing with relatives and paying rent, your cancelled rent check could serve as proof of your address. You would want your relatives to sign a receipt saying that you reside with them. Along with this you might still be required to bring in a few pieces of mail with your name on them.

Library Card Application
If you have a library card, often you’ll have to show proof of residence to get your application approved. This being the case some lenders will also accept your library card application as proof of residence.

If you are uncertain as to which documents will be accepted by your lender, don’t be afraid to ask! It is better to find out in advance, as it can save you multiple trips back and forth to the lender. Although the lender might appreciate a laugh from your creativity, they would prefer to get through the car loan application as quickly as possible, as you probably want to, as well.

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