Hyundai will list monthly fuel efficiency averages

Hyundai will list monthly fuel efficiency averages  In an attempt to better inform customers about the fuel efficiency of its vehicles, Hyundai Motor Company recently decided to reveal the average fuel economy of the vehicles it sold in a given month.

Fuel efficiency is becoming a more important aspect of automobiles as oil prices fluctuate and the federal government unveils plans to impose stricter fuel economy targets on new cars, Bloomberg reports.

In January, models sold by Hyundai averaged 34.7 miles per gallon, an increase over 34.4 in December and 31.7 across the 2009 model year. January also witnessed Hyundai's U.S. sales increase by 22 percent, according to the news source.

As federal fuel economy regulations come into effect, affordable vehicles with excellent fuel economy may retain their value best, and therefore be among the best cars for bad credit. Drivers who wish to purchase a vehicle that will have comparatively high resale value in the future may want to fill out an auto loan application and research the Hyundai model line to find the car that best suits their lifestyle.