Ignoring the ‘check engine’ light could cost you

Ignoring the 'check engine' light could cost you Most people who have driven an older car before have had to deal with the infamous "check engine" light that likes to pop up at inconvenient times, particularly when one is strapped for cash. Often times drivers ignore the warning if the car seems to be running smoothly otherwise, but Autoweek.com reports that doing so could cost car owners a lot of money in the long run.

The news source reports that studies show 64 percent of adults have ignored warnings for maintenance. More than 50 percent of those surveyed have let the "check engine" light stay illuminated for at least three months.

What a lot of drivers do not realize is that if the problem that is causing the light to go on are taken care of early, they are relatively inexpensive compared to what they will cost if left to persist. The most common problems are a broken spark bulge or loose gas cap, which cost less than $20 to fix. If ignored, these could lead to bigger problems that cost upwards of $8,000 to repair.

Those who are currently in this situation and cannot afford maintenance costs should consider applying for a bad credit auto loan to put towards a new vehicle.

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