Independent mechanic should verify any used car purchases

Sometimes, drivers with bad credit are intimidated once they get on the lot and begin the car-buying process. They may not have the in-depth knowledge of automobiles and mechanics that they think will allow them to negotiate the best deal.

When buying a used car, spotting potential trouble early could be the key between driving off in a reliable vehicle and ending up with a lemon. A knowledge of how a car works is helpful, but there are also some telltale signs that can be easily spotted.

ABC 7 Los Angeles recently talked to Rik Paul of Consumer Reports for some advice about making sure a used vehicle is in working order. One part of this process is the type of model chosen. Drivers should select a model and brand that is typically considered reliable.

Yet this isn’t the only step. Every vehicle is different, with a varied service history. Drivers should insist that they be allowed to see the service history and at a minimum, have it inspected by an independent mechanic. Not only is this good auto loan advice, it’s also a powerful negotiation strategy. If the mechanic does find something wrong with the car, that’s a good opportunity to get the price knocked down and some maintenance taken care of.

Some dealers might be hesitant to turn their car over to independent inspection. If this is the case, the move is easy – just walk away.

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