Kia Rio to star on US Top Gear?

Auto enthusiasts treat the UK television show Top Gear’s word as sacred. One of the more popular segments on that show is called “Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car,” in which a celebrity takes an affordable vehicle for a spin, usually to recommend it as a vehicle for those without a big budget.

With the American version of the show currently in development for the History Channel, car blog Jalopnik has been tracking what the show will look like when it’s reborn in America. According to one anonymous source close to the production, the “Star” feature will remain – and the first car up will be the Kia Rio.

BBC Productions and the History Channel later confirmed that the Rio was one of the cars being considered, but stopped short of naming it as the first car. Executive Producer John Hestling previously mentioned it as a likely probability in an interview with the news source.

Whatever the star car ends up being, the Rio would be a good choice. It manages to start at just over $12,000 while still getting 34 miles per gallon on the highway, making it a solid value buy.

Those with a bad credit car loan may want to consider the Rio, as it’s one of the few new cars likely to fit their budget.

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