Last-minute charges can turn a good deal sour

Negotiating the price of a vehicle can be an exhausting and intensive process, and part of getting a good deal can simply be wearing down a salesperson. Yet at the same time, a dealer knows that the longer they keep someone in the store, the less likely they are to leave.

Figuring out the final price of the vehicle can be a bit like “two steps forward, one step back.” Once a driver settles on a price for the vehicle, they may have felt like they won, but it’s at this last minute that many dealers add in some extra charges to turn a good deal into a rotten one.

After hours at the dealership, many drivers have let their guard down and our eager to sign off on a deal. Yet they should always look over the final invoice carefully, as vague charges like “delivery and handling” or packages that the driver didn’t request could end up on the final pricing sheet. Edmunds calls this “the spork,” because the fees and charges are likely not enough to kill a deal, but they still hurt.

Just because a deal is near completion doesn’t mean a buyer should back down and accept these charges without questions. And for consumers with a bad credit car loan, every dollar counts – there’s no reason to pay hundreds of dollars for no reason.

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