Loyalty programs can mean savings

There are a number of negotiation strategies for consumers who are in the market for a new vehicle, and some of these can be very effective in lowering the price of a vehicle. Yet there are also a few tactics that will work no matter how flexible the dealer is with the price.

One of these is loyalty programs. Nearly every major manufacturer has some type of loyalty program designed to keep customers coming back. Most often, this means either a higher price for a trade in, more cash back or lower monthly lease payments for those who qualify.

If a driver has plans to trade in their vehicle, they should consider taking it to the dealership they bought it from or a dealer who sells the same model. Even if there are no current loyalty offers in place, matching a model to a dealership can mean a higher price on a trade.

Drivers with a bad credit car loan should consider shopping at the manufacturer that they last bought from in order to receive loyalty benefits. If they had their eye on another brand, they should consider trying to stick with it through the years in order to continue getting savings.

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