Mistakes to avoid at the car dealership

Those who are using a bad credit auto loan to buy a new set of wheels most likely can’t afford to be squeezed out of every last dime at the car dealership. Luckily, MSN Autos recently published a list of mistakes many people often make at the lot to help consumers avoid being taken for all they’ve got.

An easy way to rack up the bill is by adding optional features and accessories. Buyers should keep in mind the add-ons they prefer, and be adamant about skipping the ones that the source says are unnecessary, such as rust-proofing, vehicle identification number (VIN) etching or fabric protector.

Consumers need to do their research before heading to the lot on the cars that they are interested in. The sticker price is usually the suggested retail price or higher, but what you should be looking for is the invoice price, which is what the dealer paid for the vehicle. Not knowing what the car is truly worth could cost you thousands.

Also, while many buyers perform a test drive, they should make sure to be thorough about it – 30 minutes on highways, back roads and their most oft-driven routes.