Mitsubishi offers car loan incentives

Often, the deciding factor in which brand a car buyer settles on will be the incentives that a particular automaker offers. This month, Mitsubishi is giving consumers a range of options when it comes to buying their vehicles.

The Japanese automaker is offering 0 percent interest on several of their more popular models. Drivers can get a 3-year 0 percent car loan on the Lance Evolution. At four years, they can choose between the new 2011 Galant or Endeavor. Five-year loans will get buyers 0 percent financing on the 2011 Eclipse and Eclipse Spyder along with 2010 Lancers, Galants, Outlanders and Endeavors. Drivers should consider which length is right for them, keeping in mind that longer loans will mean smaller monthly payments.

Another option for those considering car loans is cash rebates. If a buyer secures financing through a separate lender before they go shopping, they can then take a cash rebate since they won’t have to worry about financing.

Mitsubishi is offering rebates between $1,000 and $4,000 depending on the model. Drivers can increase their rebates even further if they previously drove a Mistubishi, as the company is offering a $1,000 loyalty bonus as well.