Montego/Five-Hundred make great used cars

For buyers with bad credit, the driving factor behind a purchase will most likely be value. This means that they’ll often be shopping on the used car market.

Buying a used car brings with it different considerations as compared to buying new. What kind of shape is the car in? What’s its resale value? How reliable is it? All of these questions ultimately contributed to the value of the vehicle, but price is not the only thing that buyers should consider. If a car ends up costing a driver more money in repair costs or ends up worthless as soon as it’s driven off the lot, a good deal could quickly turn into a bad one.

With that in mind, MSN recently listed some of the top cars to own in each class. These cars are known as being safe and reliable in addition to having good resale value.

The news source’s pick for a full-size sedan was the Mercury Montego/Ford Five-Hundred. These two cars are both discontinued, but are quite similar in that they both run on the same powertrain. Since Mercury has been discontinued, the vehicles are selling for a bit less than other vehicles, even highly similar vehicles like the Five-Hundred. At the same time, that means that Ford is holding its resale value better than Mercury, so the choice between the two comes down to whether a driver plans on using it for a long time or eventually trading it in.