Most auto manufacturers post sales gains in 2010

Most auto manufacturers post sales gains in 2010 Despite a slow economic recovery, most automakers posted sales gains during 2010, with Hyundai and Subaru showing the most year-over-year gains in car sales, at 24 and 22 percent, respectively.

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Domestic auto manufacturers also had a good sales showing last year, especially General Motors, which sold 2.2 million vehicles nationwide – more than any other manufacturer, according to Consumer Reports. Ford and Toyota sold the second- and third-most number of vehicles, respectively.

Domestic manufacturers reportedly showed gains of 16 or more percent over 2009, including Chrysler, General Motors and Ford.

Toyota was the only major automaker brand that had declining sales during 2010, according to the news source, possibly due to a number of highly-publicized recalls issued by the company. The most popular Toyota in America in 2010 was the Camry, followed by the Prius and the RAV4, the news provider reports.