Muscle Car Monday – Chevrolet Edition

There are several very cool things about this edition of Muscle Car Monday, and one uncool thing. The uncool thing is that we have just one photo to share. But that’s because (Cool Thing #1) this photo was actually submitted by a local fan of the Muscle Car Monday segment.

Also, this photo was taken in the same parking lot as a couple of our earlier posts (Cool Thing #2), including a black 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 and this recent post about the 1971 AMC Javelin. It seems as though this is the local place to be seen if you have a clean classic you want to show off.

Cool Thing #3, of course, is that this photo features two stellar rides. What we’re looking at here are a 1972 Chevelle and a Corvette Stingray, year unknown. There aren’t any badges on the Chevelle to give any indication of what’s under the hood, unfortunately, although hood pins always seem to indicate something mean underneath. I have no idea why the deck lid is up or what the sign about apples is doing in the back seat… Maybe the fellow was selling them out of his trunk?

Now, Cool Thing #4 is that I am personally acquainted with the owner of this Corvette. The year and other details are unknown right now but this one might make a good, in-depth post for a future Corvette Tuesday. In the meantime, try to imagine the rumbling of these two as they pulled out of the parking lot.