Negotiating payment wisely at the dealership

Negotiating payment wisely at the dealershipOne of the best ways for drivers to avoid overpaying or buying add-ons they don't want is to separate the car buying process into three distinct categories – choosing the car, acquiring car financing and negotiating with the dealer.

Car dealers will often ask customers what price they're willing to pay on a monthly basis, according to MSN Autos. Negotiating on these terms may result in overpayment – something that sounds like a deal, like only $20 per month for leather seats, may translate into thousands added on to the total purchase price. It may be easier for drivers to negotiate a favorable price if they focus on the total price rather than letting themselves get sidetracked with occasionally misleading monthly payment amounts. Negotiating on monthly terms also occasionally lets the dealer talk a customer into buying add-ons they don't want or need.

One potential way to avoid negotiation hassles at the dealership altogether could be through an online car loan acquired in advance. Terms on such car loans can sometimes be more favorable than the ones a driver can get at the dealership, making it especially important to shop around to obtain the best car finance plan.