Negotiation strategies at the dealer

Once a driver has been approved for a car loan, they still have to go into the dealer and negotiate the price of a vehicle. Often, this process makes consumers nervous and ends up costing them money in the long run, as dealers can make a lot of money off of extras and hidden charges.

Yet drivers can save money by keeping a level head and maintaining a cool disposition. There are many things that buyers should research before they go – dealer incentives, when new models are coming in, and best times to buy, as all of these can affect the final purchase price. They should also be sure that they have their car loan taken care of, as securing financing beforehand ensures that they avoid the financing room at the dealer, where car loan rates can be confusing and various extras can get tacked on quickly.

But more than being up to date on offers and pricing, buyers can help their case quite a bit simply through their attitude. According to, remembering to relax can be especially helpful. Even if a driver knows that the car is the one he or she wants, the dealer doesn’t have to know that.

Another thing that news source recommends is to be aware of one’s appearance. Salesmen are smart and they deal with hundreds of customers a day. Rolling up in a high-end vehicle and nice suit will not help him buy a low-ball number.