New Scion tC could be boon for bad credit drivers

Many drivers with bad credit feel like they’ll ultimately have to settle for a vehicle with little to no styling and few features. That’s why some drivers are surprised when they walk off the lot in a highly-desirable vehicle.

Since its inception in the early 2000s, the Scion brand has come to stand for youth and energy. Toyota has aimed Scion vehicles at young drivers who want something different out of their car in terms of styling. At the same time, the vehicles are often priced affordably.

The new Scion tC goes on sale October 1st and already, reviewers are touting the vehicle as a marked improvement over its predecessor. This compact coupe features a sleek all-glass roof that’s sure to turn a few heads when out on the road. The new engine inside the tC improves both horsepower and fuel efficiency compared to the 2010 model.

Even if a driver can’t afford the new tC on their bad credit car loan, they might be able to find a used version of the previous model at a discount now that the 2011 model is in town. In addition, many dealers will be looking to sell off the 2010 models in order to make way for the new ones, meaning buyers who walk in with a secure car loan and negotiate with cash might be able to walk away with an incredible bargain.