New Smart car could be option for bad credit drivers

Drivers with bad credit don’t have a ton of options when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, as their car loans won’t let them get into a luxury car unless they buy used. Yet the Smart ‘Fortwo, with its small size and great fuel economy, is a viable solution because it’s a bit cheaper than many full-sized vehicle.

Consumers may have another option from the Smart brand in the near future, as Penske Automotive Group, the exclusive dealer of the vehicles in the U.S., has announced that it will team up with Nissan on a new, slightly larger model.

Smart cars are immediately identifiable by their “micro” size, and the vehicles sold well during the recession when fuel prices were high. But with sales lagging this year, the brand needs another option to keep people interested in the vehicles.

Nissan will develop the vehicle at one of the company’s four U.S. plants. It is expected to be a larger version of the Fortwo that will feature four doors and an upgraded engine.

Drivers with a bad credit car loan should keep Smart in mind when looking for a fuel efficient and less expensive vehicle.

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