New survey shows that drivers are adapting to safety technology

Automakers are beginning to include more technology in their new vehicles as standard. From GPS systems to rear-view cameras and electronic stability control, advances in safety equipment are making driving safer, and the recent MetLife Auto and Home American Safety Pulse Poll reveals that drivers are adapting to the new features.

Only 42 percent of the survey respondents are familiar with electronic stability control, which both improves steering and prevents rollover accidents, and 31 percent have never even heard of the technology, according to USA Today. This safety feature reduces the risk of a single-vehicle crash by 59 percent, and the odds of an accident resulting in a fatality are lowered by 31 percent.

Nearly half of those interviewed are aware of or have used brake assist (44 percent) or forward collision warnings (43 percent). The majority of those who have forward collision warning technology feel safer, and those who do not have it feel safer knowing that other drivers do. More than half of respondents feel the same about rear-view camera technology as well, which just shows that drivers feel more protected with technology on their side.

“The basic integrated technologies include environmental sensors such as radar and video cameras that provide clear images of the environment surrounding the vehicle,” Alois Seewald of safety systems manufacturer TRW told ZDNet Asia. “Knowing exactly what is happening near the vehicle at any moment in time is essential to establishing cognitive safety functions, while sensor data fusion allows systems to react autonomously.”

However, one of the main roadblocks for safety technology is the cost of such features. While plenty of features are standard in many cars, such as anti-lock brakes and airbags, other options can increase the overall cost of purchasing a car. This may make it difficult for drivers who are shopping with a car loan to get the safety features they desire.

Some used cars may have the features that drivers are looking for if the previous owners opted for pay for them. Even on a budget, drivers can still find the technology they desire. It is also worth considering purchasing a less expensive car and using the money you save to install the safety features you want.