New website could help negotiation process

There is plenty of auto loan advice available on the internet, but no matter how much a buyer researches, the negotiation process for buying a vehicle is never easy. Often, haggling for the best price on a car can take hours or even days of sitting in salesmen’s offices and comparing offers and quibbling over fees.

A new website is looking to change that. Dubbed, CarWoo!, the new site will serve as a portal to multiple dealerships. Buyers will settle on the make and model that they want to purchase, and the website will gather offers from multiple dealers. Buyers can then compare and choose the best one, ensuring that they get the lowest possible price.

“The time that it takes consumers to shop multiple dealerships, compare their incomplete quotes, negotiate and finally settle on a car is overwhelming. In the end, you’re never quite sure whether you have gotten the best deal, or have just been beaten down,” said founder and CEO Tommy McClung.

For buyers with poor credit, filling out a bad credit car loan application ahead of time can be a smart idea. Once the buyer has secured their loan, they’ll be able to easily compare offers for cash buyouts of vehicles from dealerships using the new website.