New website makes finding recall information easier

A new website was recently created to help consumers stay on top of product recalls, and the main focus of is automobiles. This site allows users to search for their specific vehicles to see if any recalls are active for their make and model. While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides this information as well, allows users to sign up for email alerts for their specific vehicles. Rather than searching for recalls all the time, users are informed instantly if the automakers that produced their vehicles issue recalls.

“I find it incredible that in the so-called information age, consumers are still expected to find information regarding potentially lethal product faults using such outdated media, such as newspapers and magazine,” said vice president of operations Rumtin Afsharjavan. “Our search function is probably the best tool for our visitors – it makes tracking down specific products…and specific models within a product line very easy.”

This site can be a useful search tool for drivers who are looking to purchase used vehicles with auto loans. Here they can search the cars they are interested in purchasing to find out if there have been any recalls. If there have, they can have a mechanic inspect the vehicles to ensure the proper repairs have been made.