Pontiac’s death could mean big savings

After 84 years, the Pontiac brand ended on October 31st. That could mean a number of deals for drivers with a bad credit car loan.

The last Pontiac rolled off the assembly line one year ago, but dealers’ contracts with General Motors lasted until the end of October. Now that they’ve run out, the brand is officially done.

That might not be great news for Pontiac fans, but it is good news for drivers who are looking to save on vehicles. The lack of demand and dealers’ eagerness to get anything they can for the remaining vehicles most likely means that buyers can get a great deal if they negotiate correctly.

The Pontiac line ended with a number of vehicles that buyers may find attractive, like the G3 subcompact, the Vibe hatchback and the G6 sedan. Reputation plays a large role in the marketability of vehicles, and although the brand has a long history, drivers are less keen on purchasing once the nameplate has been ended. That could mean significant savings for opportunistic drivers.

For drivers searching for an affordable vehicle, Pontiacs could be some of the best cars for bad credit available.