Reader tips for saving money on gas

Reader tips for saving money on gasGas is the reigning problem for drivers, with prices reaching $4 per gallon, it doesn't look like they will go back down anytime soon. recently reached out to its readers for advice on reducing their gas bills, and here are a few handy tips they've come up with for changing the way you drive.

The first and most obvious tip is to drive less. If something is within walking distance, enjoy the weather this summer and take a stroll instead of using your car. When you do drive, the source suggest making use of cruise control if on the highway.

Drivers should make use of iPhone applications that seek out the lowest gas prices in town. Those without smartphones can search online as well.

One reader suggested booking appointments and shopping trips all in one day, as too many trips to and from your house is sure to guzzle gas. The reader also plans geographically, driving in a circular pattern so there is no backtracking.

Consumers who take this advice may be able to save some money in the long run, which may help to pay off a car loan, mortgage or credit card.