Ride a classic Jeep Wrangler

Drivers with a bad credit car loan usually must stick to a strict budget. That means they often have to miss out on many of the “fun” vehicles – unless they shop the used market.

Popular Mechanics recently looked at some of the most fun vehicles that can be found for under $3,000. One of the picks was the Jeep Wrangler, a classic vehicle that has been a favorite of off-road enthusiasts for years.

The news source recommends looking for Wranglers before 1995 to find a vehicle within the correct price range. These models came with either a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder or a 4.2 6-cylinder engine and were built to handle paved and dirt roads.

One thing that travelers should look out for with any Jeep, especially one this old, is any signs of wear and tear. Models that had owners who liked to take their vehicles off-road might have significant corrosion or rust in several places. As with any vehicles, drivers should do a full inspection before committing to a purchase.

If they can find a healthy Jeep at the right price, the Wrangler could be one of the best cars for bad credit buyers.