Rising gas prices lead decline in sales

Rising gas prices lead decline in salesGas prices have been on the rise for a while now, making it difficult for borrowers to pay back their car loan now that they have to spend more money at the pump. Many drivers are using their vehicles less in order to save more.

According to USA Today, sales of gasoline have fallen for the fifth week in a row, despite the increase in jobs.

"More people are going to work. That means more people are driving and they should be buying more gas," John Gamel, direct of gasoline research at MasterCard, told the news source. However, 70 percent of the country's major gas stations have reported a decline in their sales.

To combat the excessive cost of fuel, the news provider reports that a number of American drivers have opted to drive more environmentally friendly cars, such as Hyundai's Sonata and Elantra models, both of which saw a 55 percent increase in sales last month.

There doesn't seem to be a price decrease on gas on the horizon, so the best cars for bad credit may well be electric, hybrid or other fuel-efficient vehicles.