Road trips can be comfortable and easy in certain cars

Road trips can be comfortable and easy in certain carsSummer months historically see the most travel, and this summer is seeing more road trips than plane rides, according to Auto Remarketing.

In order to encourage road trips, which can range from family vacations to girlfriend getaways, buying experts from AAA highlighted 16 car models in six vehicle segments that they believe are the best for road trips. Drivers with bad credit can enjoy road trips in these vehicles by taking out a car loan.

Small cars such as the Chevrolet Cruze Eco, the Ford Focus and Kia Soul are recommended for road trips of two people. The size does not allow room for comfortable travel in the back seat, but all three cars boast great fuel economy.

The Ford Fusion, Toyota Prius and Hyundai Sonata are recommended for medium cars. All three offer a comfortable ride, easy handling and plenty of room.

Larger groups may want to consider sedans such as the Toyota Camry or Infiniti G37, or an SUV or minivan. The Honda Odyssey has split-screen entertainment that can keep child passengers occupied, while the Chrysler Town and Country has safety features such as a backup camera.