Safety feature being introduced to prevent rollover fatalities

Safety feature being introduced to prevent rollover fatalitiesStarting in model year 2013, cars will start to come standard with a new safety feature that is hoped to prevent serious injuries and fatalities resulting from rollover crashes.

The new regulations would apply to light passenger vehicles, and would mandate that automakers develop technology to prevent an unrestrained adult from moving more than four inches beyond the side window opening during a car crash. The feature will be introduced on some vehicles in model year 2013, and be made mandatory in all cars by model year 2018, according to KVUE.

Automakers are reportedly likely to satisfy these new requirements by installing side-impact airbags that extend further and inflate for a longer period of time. The new rule is expected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to prevent 373 deaths every year.

Such an innovation would be the latest in a number of safety features, including stability and traction control, that are becoming available on bad credit cars. Drivers may want to research the new safety features that are available and apply for an online car loan to upgrade their current vehicle to a safer, newer model.