Safety is utmost concern for teens’ cars

Parents need to consider safety over cost when choosing the best car with their teen driver, according to car experts.

David Champion, the senior director of Consumer Reports’ auto test division, told The Item that the best picks for teens are mid-size sedans with anti-lock brakes and the smallest, four-cylinder engines so they are not too powerful. Buyers should also look for electronic stability control, which applies brakes to specific wheels if it senses swerving.

While parents may be tempted to give their children an SUV because it is safe in the event of a crash, Champion says that they are hard to manage when drivers lose control, the news source reported. A sedan offers enough protection in the event of a crash but is easy to steer.

In addition, parents may want to consider a new car for their teen, according to While many buyers find it absurd to purchase a new car with the chance that a new driver would crash it, the news source says that new cars have more safety features to protect the driver if in fact he or she did have a collision. Parents with poor credit can finance a car with the most protection for their teen with a bad credit loan.

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