Shutters – a new trend in the eco-friendly auto industry

Shutters - a new trend in the eco-friendly auto industryA consumer's best bet when purchasing a new car with a bad credit auto loan is to go for a fuel-efficient model, which will ultimately help save drivers money with fewer trips to the gas station. Many automakers are toying with various features of their latest environmentally friendly vehicles, but one has made quite the impression lately.

Shutters are making waves in the industry, as the window treatments allow cars increase their aerodynamics. USA Today reports that the mechanisms are situated in between the grille and the radiator, and are also electronically controlled by the car itself.

"When they are open, the car can breathe better on hot days or under stress, like when it's chugging up a hill. When they are closed, the car becomes more aerodynamic, trapping or disrupting less air and increasing fuel milage up to 2 percent," said the news source.

Currently, the latest editions of the Ford Focus and the Chevrolet Cruze Eco are equipped with the special shutters, as we well as various European BMW models.

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