Silver and black most popular car colors

In a preference shift that may reflect the uncertain, financially-troubled mood of the present, neutrals like black and silver were found to be the most popular vehicle colors.

According to a DuPont survey, silver is the leading vehicle color in the world, with silver vehicles representing a full 26 percent of the total. Black comes in second at 24 percent, and white and gray tie each other for third place at 16 percent each, USA Today reports. Red, the only non-neutral in the top five, is reportedly gaining popularity, but still lags behind the popular neutrals. Only 6 percent of cars are red, the survey revealed.

The news source reports that vehicle color preferences may truly reflect the attitudes of the times. Approximately a decade ago, green was reportedly among the most popular vehicle colors. Today, a mere 2 percent of vehicles on the roads are green.

Prices of vehicles sometimes depend on color, and consumers who wish to find out how much they can afford to spend may want to use a car loan calculator to set their budgets.