Simple ways to save a little money every day

Simple ways to save a little money every dayThose who are trying to pay off their car loans may have a tight budget, and saving some money can seem impossible. However, consumers can avoid spending too much by getting creative with their financial habits.

Do you incur a lot of late fees for your bills? Enroll in automatic payments or sign up for e-bills so you get email alerts for when the bill is due. Sometimes student loan creditors offers an interest rate discount if you use their automatic debit program for more than one year.

How about fees for ATM withdrawals? Make sure that you are using your bank's own machines when taking out cash to avoid being charged upwards of $5 per withdrawal from other financial institutions. You can also sign up for a checking account with a bank that is a member of the "surcharge-free" Allpoint ATM network.

Join coupon websites like Groupon or LivingSocial, which offer bargains on restaurants, salons, vacations, groceries and much more. You can get steep discounts from some great retailers, which can help lower your monthly costs if you make smart purchases.