Small cars grow in popularity

Quicks, one of the leading car retailers in the UK, recently examined car purchase data to determine the difference between men and women when it comes to buying cars. What they found is that, regardless of gender, people are opting for affordable cars that have good fuel economy. Ford made the top three for men and women in the UK with the Fiesta and the Focus, according to the research. The Focus was number one for men and third most popular for women, while the Fiesta was the most popular among women, and ranked second for men.

“Traditionally, perception is men have gone for high-priced, higher-performance cars, but the pressure on their wallet is changing men’s priorities,” said Katie Martin, the head of Quicks operations. “We are seeing a growing demand by men for smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.”

These trends are not in the UK alone, as many Americans are choosing to buy smaller cars as well. In the beginning of 2011, there was a spike in small car sales in the U.S., AutoBlog reports. This was attributed to the rise in gas prices, and since then small cars have been

Compact and subcompact cars make good choices for people who are shopping with car loans, as they are affordable and generally get good mileage, so drivers can save even more at the pump.