Survey indicates drivers want fuel efficiency, but don’t want to pay extra

A recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports indicates that drivers rank fuel efficiency highly as a factor they consider when purchasing a vehicle, but many cite high prices as a deterrent in buying such a car.



In the survey, 80 percent of respondents claimed to support a national goal to reduce oil consumption, and a full 70 percent support government funding aimed at attaining this goal.



Only 40 percent of respondents would support a gas-guzzler tax, however, and 94 percent cite high purchase price as a deterrent in purchasing a green vehicle.



Despite respondents’ hesitation, 63 percent expect their next car to have better fuel efficiency than their current car. A full 59 percent of this share cite a lower purchase price as their main reason for buying a green car.



The survey found that there are differing perceptions on the purchase price of a fuel-efficient car. While hybrids and electric cars may still be outside of many Americans’ budgets, it is possible for a driver to purchase a reliable and comparatively small sedan that will consume less gasoline than an SUV or truck and is likely to sell for less. Drivers who are in the market for a fuel-efficient, affordable used car may want to fill out an auto loan application to finance their purchase.

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