Suzuki Kizashi offers luxury at a discount

Some consumers with bad credit are frequently surprised at the type of car loans that they are approved for. While many drivers automatically assume that they’ll have to take a heavily-used vehicle or a base model without features like air conditioning, they’re sometimes able to step up into a slightly nicer vehicle.

The Suzuki Kizashi is a great example of a nice vehicle that many drivers might be surprised that they can afford. This sedan starts just north of $18,000, so it might be just outside the price range for some with bad credit when bought new. Yet shopping used can often knock a few thousand off the price, meaning many might be able to get a used Kizashi.

If they can swing it, the Kizashi is a great choice for a sedan. Suzuki is known for making affordable vehicles, and the Kizashi is a model that is designed to compete as a low-cost choice to German cars like BMW and Mercedes. For the most part, the company largely succeeded. Time named the Kizashi one of the 10 most exciting cars for 2010, while Edmunds wrote that it “looks and feels like an upscale German sedan.” Although the performance may not rival a high-end luxury car, its tough to beat the Kizashi at the price, which also makes it stiff competition for best sellers like the Toyota Camry and Honda Civic.

Whether they can afford the car new or used, drivers shopping with a car loan may want to consider the Kizashi as an affordable alternative.