Take it or leave it? Leave it

When negotiating with a car dealer, there are some important things to look out for, like ancillary fees and charges that drivers may be able to get out of paying. Yet as important as knowing what the technical aspects of deals are, it’s also important to simply know some common negotiating tactics.

One phrase that may come up is “take it or leave it.” For many salesmen, this tried-and-true tactic has helped sell a lot of vehicles. These powerful words signal that the salesman is done negotiating. Drivers may not be completely happy with the price, but don’t want to lose the car – and so they take the car at the price offered, even if it’s too high.

Edmunds.com recommends that when this happens, a driver should most often “leave it” if they’re unsatisfied with the price. There’s no shame in getting up and walking away – in fact, in many cases the salesman will follow and offer to renegotiate. Most car sellers learn never to let a customer walk away if they’re close to a sale. Drivers should keep in mind that there are tons of models and dealerships out there, and they can always come back if they truly find nothing else they like.

For drivers with bad credit car loans, keeping this in mind is especially important. Every dollar counts, so no driver should commit to a sale without getting the price they think they deserve.

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