Test-driving more than one car

Test-driving more than one carOne of the biggest mistakes that a car buyer can make is to skip the test drive. Test-driving only one car, however, can also lead to a suboptimal purchase decision, according to Edmunds.

Due to the recession, many drivers held on to their old cars for many years to avoid making a large purchase in tough times. As the economy gradually recovers, credit is expanding, car loans are becoming easier to obtain and auto sales are rising.

Drivers who shop around for a new vehicle in current economic times may not know what kind of driving performance they should expect as standard, since they've been used to driving their old vehicle. For this reason, it is important to test drive several cars in the market segment that the consumer is considering. 

Consumers may also benefit from shopping around for car financing. Credit market conditions may have changed drastically since the last time many drivers bought the cars they currently drive, and it may be advantageous to browse online car loans to find the best deal.