The most and least ticketed cars

Auto insurance analytics firm Quality Planning recently did a study to determine which cars received the most moving violations, were driven in a dangerous manner and were likely to receive higher auto insurance premiums.

The cars that top the list include Mercedes Benz SL-class, Toyota Solara, Scion and Hummer H2 and H3, according to MSN. Some experts believe that individuals who are likely to drive in a dangerous manner are also more inclined to purchase sporty vehicles, according to the news source.

Vehicles that were least likely to receive moving violations were typically family vehicles, and included the Buick Rainer, the Mazda Tribute and the Kia Spectra.

Auto insurance companies may reportedly consider factors like vehicle model when giving potential customers an auto insurance quote, so those with bad credit history or financial difficulties may want to stay away from the cars that are traditionally associated with dangerous driving. Consumers who are in the market for a used car may want to use a car loan calculator to determine what kind of vehicle they can afford.