The pitfalls of excessive brand loyalty

The pitfalls of excessive brand loyaltyThough there are a lot of rational reasons for brand loyalty, simply upgrading one's old car to its new version without additional research may lead to a suboptimal purchase. This is especially true in the case that one's old vehicle is more than a few years old, according to Edmunds.

Many cars, like the Toyota Camry, were once market leaders but no longer offer the widest variety of features at the best price. The Camry still outperforms many of its competing sedan models, but part of its success may be reportedly due to brand loyalty exhibited by drivers who are unwilling to try out other vehicles or deviate from their safe choice.

According to Edmunds, the Kia Optima LX may be among the best bad credit cars, since it offers a more powerful engine and better fuel economy than the Camry. It also comes with Bluetooth and satellite radio standard, and has a longer bumper-to-bumper warranty than the Camry. With all these features, the Optima offers more value for the money than many popular, well-known competitors.

Once a driver has done sufficient research to make a well-informed decision about his next vehicle purchase, he or she can use a car payment calculator to determine the kind of car financing he or she needs.