The Prius makes a comeback as Japan recovers

The Prius makes a comeback as Japan recoversToyota is finally seeing an end to the shortage of Priuses that has plagued American dealerships since the Japanese tsunami in March, the Daily Breeze reports.

The devastating 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami disrupted factories in Japan as it ripped through the country and destroyed villages. As a result, American Toyota manufacturers were unable to get the auto parts they needed to make the cars, vastly slowing production and rising prices of the cars in the U.S.

However, Toyota plans to deliver 36,000 Prius cars to U.S. dealerships throughout the summer, the news source reported. Car dealers are rejoicing at the news. Gas prices that are climbing into the $4 range have increased demand for high-efficiency and hybrid vehicles, according to Bill Coyne, the vice president and general manager at South Bay Toyota in Gardena, California.

Coyne said that over the past few months, many people have come into the dealership wanting a Prius. The company has been short on the cars, however, starting May with only enough cars for 10 days of sales.

Now that the Toyota hybrids are back on the market, many people will likely take out bad credit auto loans in order to finance this gas-saving purchase.  

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